• @tiff @fgtech a similar event that I had never heard of until The Watchmen TV show. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsaracemassacre

  • @mindofaaronw yeah, it caught my eye as I walked by this alley.

  • @chriscoyier@front-end.social nice list! I use Dank Mono myself.

  • @seldo this is why I like using micro.blog. It aas designed to curb that.

  • @holgerfrohloff They do not. That is really the thing I do not like about it. I’m hoping someday they put something out.

  • @chriscoyier@front-end.social wrote up a great post on what he likes about the Arc browser. I have been using it for a few months now but I hadn't gone all in as he did but after reading his review I decided to do it. Luckily Arc has a profile ability which I use a lot in Chrome to keep my work, personal, and test accounts all separate. It was easy to create a new profile for work and import my settings from Chrome and get going. The biggest thing I learned from Chris was the split view. I had no idea it existed before this post. Here is an invite link if you would like access.


  • @seldo that’s one of my favorite features of the Arc browser. I don’t even have to think about it.

  • @ultimike 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • @AccordionGuy I think you’re right. 😅

  • @Alligator so there is a previous movie titled Black Panther that this is a sequel too. His also appears in several Avengers movies starting with Civil War.

  • @manton looks relaxing 🌲🌊

  • @manton I actually almost posted this morning to ask how big of a bump you are seeing. I recently turned on the Mastodon feature and started adding people. It is very handy!

  • @f I went from a 0 to the Ultra. No regrets here!

  • @fortyseven Now I have someone to follow on Mastodon! I hadn't turned it on until now. I've been on micro.blog since it launched and I know there has been an influx of new users. This happened years ago too.

  • @manton super excited here on the Space Coast! I too just finished watching all of For All Mankind and I am super pumped!

  • @val thanks! My neighbor told us their name so there are at least 2 families calling it Harry 😄

  • @jean I love Obsidian. I use it every chance I get. obsidian.md

  • @gilcreque I think I figured this out. The function that prints isn't returning anything. It just prints to the console. It is considered a NoneType.

  • @aaronpk 😻

  • @relayfm @marco @tiffarment What a great episode!

  • @relayfm Thanks for the immediate clarification!

  • @jlelse very cool! I’ll have to get started soon.

  • @cdevroe I’ve been meaning to do this for years. I even bought Day One to do it. I have been better at writing down daily work related posts keeping myself and my team up to date on what I’ve been up to and how I came to certain decisions. I use Obsidian for that and other notes.

  • @cdevroe its all good. You were asking for Ubuntu blogs and there is one I still follow.


  • @fgtech haha yeah I looked for a yak too. Maybe a buffalo 🦬🪒?

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