• The Trans Ban Bill is a sweeping assault on the lives and medical freedom of transgender Floridians! Email lawmakers right away and tell them to vote NO on HB 1421!


  • I wish you could store <Map>s in Firestore without converting to/from an Object. I also wish that AngularFire implemented withConverter(). #firebase #angular

  • Mark Rober’s latest video on a tech company doing some great stuff in Rwanda and what they plan on bringing to cities is pretty amazing! youtu.be/DOWDNBu9D…

  • Playing a new game: The Worst-Case Scenario.

  • Abbott on Abbott on Abbott

  • Caturday vibes #caturday

  • Family self care

  • Close encounters of the rhino 🦏 kind!

  • Pandora

  • pedro pascal having a panic attack in a triptych with the caption "when the project doesn't use typescript"

  • My new plants 🌱🌿🌵🪴

  • My biggest complaint about Uber Eats is how paying for Priority Delivery is a 50/50 lie. Half the time you are first up for delivery. Half the time it is a lie because you see the driver stopping along the way to you. 🤬

  • I went on a quesabirria taco hunt this week. Everything was pretty damn good.

  • This printer is not even hiding the fact that your print jobs will be eaten.

  • When the Prettier and Editor Config extensions aren’t working on everyone’s workspace and you run Prettier manually

    Image of the character Pain from Naruto

  • If you are looking to nerd out on modems


  • Great episode on ChatGPT confessing it’s love for a human


  • Oh so 1923 comes out early on Sundays!

  • Some morning tunes


  • Finishing the birthday visit with a Figment Rainbow Cake 🐉🌈🍰 #epcot

  • Hanging out in Mexico

  • Visiting Spaceship Earth today! #epcot

  • Today’s workspace until lunch time. The weather outside is amazing!

  • Switched to oat milk creamer in the past year and these are the best I have found!

  • I’m just gonna send Party Corgi to all my meetings!

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