• Why hadn’t I searched for this earlier? vscode-spotify: Use Spotify inside vscode.


  • I love this song but I didn’t know until today that Gunship makes music videos!!!


  • Did we wait over an hour to get these birria tacos?


    Would I do it again?



  • My wife bought me a snack box subscription for snacks around the world. This month is Brazil and I got these Ruffles that taste like pot roast. I still cannot tell if I like them or not.

  • My new favorite playlist

    Zelda lofi & chill

  • My sister got me this beautiful monstera plant and since I am a brown thumb but a nerd I bought some moisture and light sensors to keep an eye on it using a Raspberry Pi.

  • Since the pandemic started I’ve been working from home. I rarely leave the house and when I’d do I use the newer car. The older car just sits in the driveway as a backup slowly losing battery life. I finally broke down and bought a trickle charger to keep the battery maintained.

  • I grew up eating salt on watermelon but someone recently said they used to put it on pineapple. I’m doing both today. 🍍🍉➕🧂

  • Trying some silver spray paint on the MF Doom mask

  • Learning some @reactjs, NextJS, and @figmadesign with the mini me.

  • Kale Chips, No Thanks 😝!

    Crispy Brussel Sprouts, Helk Yeah 🤤!

  • Rocking my Hack the Planet shirt from my bot, Shek!


  • Air fry all the things!!!

  • Grinding in the bathroom because My wife is on a work call #wfhlife

  • Work-from-porch day

  • I took an at home food sensitivity blood test just now. I used a lancet to prick my finger to fill five circles on a card. I could barely fill three. Pricked the other side of my finger and OMG it would not stop flowing and easily filled all the circles. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • She found a new spot to hang out and bother me.

  • Patterns App - Regex Tool for the Mac

    I am sure I have posted about this app before but it requires mentioning it again. I could not imagine writing regualr expressions without using the Patterns app on the Mac. It allows you to test your regex in an editor and see a cheat sheet. When you are done, you can get export the regex code for your language. I highly recommend it!


  • Slow Kids At Play 4th of July Wkndr 2020 🎵🎧🎛️

  • Just hanging at work.

  • History of Our World Part 1 aka Beatz kind of day


  • This is the awesome succulent planter my wife put together for for Father’s Day. 🥰

  • The Struggle

    From Facebook but it applies elsewhere

    I’m struggling right now.

    Some of yall on here have been unfriended already for your lack of understanding or being straight up racist.

    Some of yall haven’t said a thing that shows me that you care about what’s happening right now.

    Some of yall have shared shit that shows me you aren’t taking this seriously.

    Some of yall are letting your friends and family say shit that we both know is wrong yet you let it slide.

    If we aren’t holding each other accountable then why are we even “friends” on this website or in real life for that matter.

    EDIT: Let me put it another way so it is crystal clear:

    Act like I was killed last Monday

  • Anger Is A Gift

    Listen to one of my favorite albums of all time. Listen to the lyrics. Really listen. Almost 30 years old and it is more relevant to me now than it was when I was a teenager just really coming to grips on how people of color are treated in America. I say that because back then these atrocities were few and far between as far as anyone could tell because we weren’t as connected as we are now. The last 10-15 years has proven that it happens more than we realized.


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