When I bought my iPad Pro 9.7” back in September I was pretty sure I was going to purchase the Logitech Create but I was convinced to pick up the Zagg Slim Book. I have owned a few of the previous Zagg iPad keyboards and I liked them okay but I did not like that the angle of the iPad was not adjustable. The newer Slim Book has a fully adjustable hinge so I was sold…and then this happened.

Broken Hinge

This made the keyboard unusable because it only stayed upright in very particular position. I contacted Zagg and they shipped out a new one free of charge. I just needed to send back my original. When it arrived I tried using the case I had on the iPad from my original purchase with the new keyboard and it did not fit. The was a letdown because I had personalized my case (i.e. I put stickers on it) but I went ahead and put the new case on the iPad. When I went to mate it with the keyboard I could not get it sit flush in the channel. This made the iPad stick out past the keyboard when the clamshell was closed. I am now sending everything back and getting store credit but I wanted to warn people of this potential problem.